Operating LinkApi

Everything on how to use the best integration tool of the market.

To make the most out of LinkApi, we developed a course that will explain the concepts, advantages and possibilities that our platform offers. Giving a boarder vision of the API market and showing use cases, here you'll find what you need to fulfill your goals integrating APIs and your business.

Your Instructor

Thiago Lima
Thiago Lima

Thiago Lima started programming when he was 12 years old, and, two years after that, he started working with software development. At the age of 17, he was already an associate at a software development company. When he turned 19, he went through an existential crisis that led him to pivot his career to his other dream and passion - being a professional MMA fighter. On his fifth fight, he had an open fracture, and decided to go back to the coding world. Thiago enrolled in a postgraduate degree in Philosophy applied to the business world and started his entrepreneur career. Today, at 28, he is the CEO of LinkApi, which is a platform aimed at integration cloud solutions and software development.

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How about... forever? After enrolling the course you will have full access to this course in any device you want forever.

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